Thursday, November 22

Kroatian flokloric brick-stitch emroidery

When I was on vacation in Itria, Croatia last september, I happened accross several traditional garments with this style of brick stitch embroidery, for instance in the Etnographic Museum of Pazin, and the Museum in Labin. It so remarkable how similar the patterns are to many late medieval brick stitck embroideries...

Sunday, November 11

Two 16th century Italian dresses

I'm just here for a short post before going to bed. I'm very busy lately with teaching a material culture / probate inventory research seminar at university to third year history students. It's intensive but a lot of fun as well! On Tuesday I'll do a class just on 15th and 16th century textiles and clothing. Looking for pictures to include in the powerpoint presentation, I just came across this post about two extant Italian dresses from the sixteenth century.  It's lovely so be sure to take a look :)

Good night!

Saturday, November 3

Word of the week: quispels

During my work with 16th century probate inventories, I come across a lot of lovely words for things related to clothing, sewing and silkwork. I decided to share them with you every now and then. The first word in what will hopefully become a row, is 'quispel'. The modern Dutch equivalent 'kwispel(en)' means 'to wag' or in a very archaic use: a brush or tassel. In this inventory dated 1580 from Antwerp, we find "ij flouwijnen met witte quispels"(two pillow cases with white tassels). I will never ever be able to think about tassels again without thinking of wagging tails :-)