Tuesday, February 23

Shoes and stockings

I just finished my wool stockings and my wonderful husband made me these shoes :-).
Just in time for the LHO Winterfair 2010

Wednesday, February 17

Reading: Using computers in history

I haven't been doing much silkwork as of late. I am reading a lot, and somehow ended up in a small research project where I have to work on early 16th century male clohting.

I have made some progress on this embroidery and this afternoon i'll be working on this. I hope to show you the progress next week!

Tuesday, February 9

Silver and gold ornaments of the vikings: Posaments

Quite recently an amazing website was brought to my attention: http://www.silberknoten.de/
It is entirely devoted to plaited silver and gold metal ornaments or "posaments" of the early middle ages.
The word "posament" has its origines in the french word "passement" which means applicated onto textile material.
Be sure to have a look!